A man was walking along the beach and noticed a boy throwing starfish back into the ocean. He asked why he was doing that and the boy replied, "So they dont die in the sun."  The man stated, "There are thousands of starfish, you won't make a difference." The boy smiled and said, "But I'll make a difference to this one."
Recovery is a journey, not a destination. Addiction is not the problem, but a true symptom of the problem. Is the problem from childhood? To find this out we must work on these issues.
I have been a substance abuse counselor for 27 years and have been an interventionist for 22 years.  I have had great outcomes more times than not, but I can't promise that your loved one will get sober. I can promise they will be introduced to the option of this life changing possibility. 
I have a history of addiction in my family and that is where my passion lies, with family members. Addiction affects families severely and causes trauma to all involved. 
I have put together a team of professional nurses, therapists, doctors, treatment centers and healers for the family of addicts.  
Recovery is not always the outcome in an intervention.  But peace of mind is. I love the Starfish story for this reason. 
Interventions are not about the addict, they are about the family. My team and I are here to help the family. When an addict is in their addiction, they do not care about anyone else, especially their family members. 


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